Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The storyteller

One thing I remember very well about Pixie Hollow was the story. If someone doesn't remember the story would happen everyday at around 6pm. I remember well rushing to the computer just before six and trying to get on the VERY crowded servers (it wasn't just me who wanted to hear the story). I always wanted to be a storytelling talent and if I could I would be. The stories we're something interesting usually and that was good. Most stories would be repetitive but the stories told on pixie hollow were always different. The story each evening is one of my favourite memories,something that will never leave me.


Monday, 11 May 2015

A unsuccessful attempt

I emailed Disney on the 26th of April 2015 I never got a reply here is what I wrote

My name is Kinga and I would like to ask you a question that has been awaiting a answer for nearly two years, will pixie hollow ever be back and what was the real reason to the closing of pixie hollow . Pixie hollow was a important part of my childhood and to this day if I could I would be playing it and if you don't open the site back up will you let a fan made pixie hollow be made. Pixie hollow was so important to me and a lot of other people, all you have to do is Google pixie hollow the amount of blogs and petitions you will find are countless, people still believe that you will bring back our favourite online world and I am also one of those people. So please at least reply to me and not use that typical computer generated one, that is all I'm asking for.

Thank you for giving us a world that will always be in our hearts

it's a short email but I think it got the point across, all we want to know is why Pixie hollow was closed I have not seen a reply to my email which is sad but then again I might have had the wrong email. If anyone knows the address then please comment it as I will try until I get a answer.
see you soon

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pixie Hollow

The community of pixie hollow, probably the most sincere online community. I remember when my friend told me about it, I was so excited to get home and make an account, I don't remember my name or how I looked but I don't think that matters. I spent my days on that thing I remember collecting raindrops when one of the valleys was drying out, I remember baking cakes, I remember meeting so much people and I remember logging in just on time to hear the story being told, it always started at 6pm and if I ever got there on time I would be SO excited.

Then I left and oh I regret it so much to this day I think it was the worst decision in my life. I left during that raindrop collecting event I remember. I had so much friends and one day I was stressed and wanted to calm down. I decided to go and visit my fairy in pixie hollow, I was hoping to meet old friends but when I found the website I was welcomed by the frequently asked questions. I cried that day because I knew my adventure ws truly over. My adventure isn't over, it's starting again. A month ago I was stressed and struggling I wanted to see if maybe Pixie hollow opened again, but instead of finding the always busy pixie hollow I found a small community, communicating through blogs. Now that was a surprise I expected that no one was there and well they were just gone. I wouldn't think that someone would have hope but there enthusiasm ignited something in me. Im back and to be honest I believe that our passion will start something new. Anyone who knows me will tell you im passionate, if I believe in something it will happen. I guess its because I'm Capricorn where the passionate bitches who rule the world.

If anyone remembers a girl with the screen name kinga09 then I'm waiting because it's me and I know nearly everyone in the community so talk to you soon.